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I have been designing landscapes for 20 years, working on large developments, subdivisions, wetlands restoration and residential design. These days, I gravitate toward residential design and green projects, with the goal of creating beauty and inspiring awe, while doing the right thing for the environment. 

Residential design allows me to indulge in planting design, as well as the more typical practice of site design, construction and drainage. As an avid gardener, I am interested in all garden styles, from the simplicity of a contemporary project to the constantly changing mixed border of an English garden. 

I am based in Morristown, New Jersey, but my work takes me further afield. From more urban areas such as my home town, to more open and rural areas, I enjoy creating a landscape that is particular to the surroundings, and that takes advantage of unique views and vistas. My family has a home in Shandanken, New York, and there is nowhere I’d rather be when I need to recharge and renew my mind and spirit. Owning a home in the Catskills of New York State offers a unique opportunity to use the majesty of the mountains and forests that surround the property as a backdrop for a personal vision of an outdoor living space. The peace of the mountains translates into peace of mind for me, and in every season I can find an abundance of riches through the scenery, the wildlife, and my own magnificent view.

As an environmentalist, it is important to me that our landscapes are environmentally sustainable, and will cause no harm to future generations. My landscapes have always been "green", and now with the increased interest in responsibility to our Earth, my clients are reflecting my beliefs. There are many ways to be ecologically sensitive, such as eliminating exotic invasive plants from our design vocabulary, installing rain gardens to clean runoff before it reaches the storm drains, capturing rainwater to irrigate gardens, and minimizing our carbon footprint by using local materials.

I believe gardens should be therapeutic. Anything of beauty makes  a person respond with awe, and this is the response I want to evoke with my landscape designs. Awe is triggered by the realized beauty of one's environment. It is an emotion like love or fascination, and adds richness to our lives. Awe creates a form of mental concentration equal to a meditative state, allowing other areas of the brain to rest. This blissful state adds to our quality of life and improves our mental health, both so important to our success as humans.