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Maybe you don’t need a plan – maybe you just need some sound advice. You’ve got some ideas, but you're stuck. Or, you just have a small area you need help with. Maybe you have an idea and you need someone to bounce your idea off of who can steer you in the right direction (or talk you out of a bad idea). "Fresh eyes on your landscape, fresh ideas." If that is where you are at, I am happy to work as a consultant.

Here are two ways that I can act as a consultant for your project:

One hour on-site consultation with followup one page brief: $300.00
This may be all you need. Have your site plan available, along with any pictures you may have torn out of magazines or found on Houzz. The typical scenario is one hour on-site, discussing your garden, starting outside and moving in if necessary. That day or the next, I will collate our discussion and send you a written note outlining the plan and how to move it forward.

This does not include any drawings or plant lists.

The $300.00 fee is to be paid at the end of our one hour meeting.

On-site consultation with follow up sketch: $150.00/hour
You may need more than an hour. You may want a list of deer-proof plants that will be hardy in your area. You may need a sketch or construction detail. This can be done on an hourly basis. Do you need a simple front foundation planting, a screening planting along your property line, or some ideas for a new back terrace, that you will be constructing yourself and does not have to go out to bid? This can generally be accomplished with a one hour on site visit, taking necessary measurements which .you can help me with, and